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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a part of the sea is off today we are holding of a dozen years have been as prepares for a messy monday morning but when i get right over to crack the very latest on that storm just cracked all right in right now we do have a messy start to the day snow falling you can see around bramble to not come in over the hay we do have the road you can see the cars traffic pattern there but still some areas of snow the secondary roads really a prom a good push in and just show you again the traffic moving across scramble to as we take a look another view that that really tells a story heading out to virginia beach and will check out the west in the view from the top the west in there that's independence and virginia beach blvd so the roads while icy or snow in some areas other areas it's more wet but we did the snow still falling and that is an issue winter weather advisory until ten o'clock southside and the roads in northeast north carolina here gates in
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the north into the afternoon so it'll take a little bit longer as far as snowfall amounts you know i think we are talking a trace to say an inch or a nation have something like that last night just to hear because we have a little more snow last year between say a half an inch or a heavy dusting up to an inch and a half to two inches and then north and west a little bit more more like two three but the snow totals this is the story the story is the rain that is going to come later today to wash it away so it doesn't really matter whether you get an inch or two inches if that rain comes and it will later today it's going to wash away travel across the region that is that what we're concerned with this morning as it is messy right now peninsula seeing the snow snow across the south side in the northeast north carolina he goes south of the albemarle sound a season makes precipitation more starters see that transition to rain that will take place is ten o'clock this morning you see the rain coming up the coastline and that will continue to warm into
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the changeover to rain still some freezing precipitation maybe some ice or sleet out across the piedmont if you have to travel west know that travel out that way even worse than what we're seeing this morning here locally so that's what the day shapes up i'll be back with the full forecast a quick look ahead there the seven day but will focus a lot more in today's weather in a moment right now want to check in with ashley c which is watching. it's been a busy morning for you and reagan is still a very busy morning and right now my head back to an accident scene i showed you about ten minutes to go out on the peninsula has a sixty four westbound just pass him to rhode center parkway you're approaching big apple this might be right actually at the big apple road overpass as it is actually boring to just the right shoulder is blocked but now look like the right lane is going to be blocked as well traffic volume picking up just the slight slight bit nothing major as you can see things are still moving well past the theme but notice folks are taking their time as they head out there on sixty four. be careful wherever your head this morning as we've been
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certainly slick and dangerous in several spots on the traffic network maps am watching a few more accidents some of them have cleared we have some new ones to discuss with you all that coming up at six ten six o three we have an update on breaking news out of virginia beach we now know where a fire started in an apartment complex that takes residence in the snow and cold this morning that is happening on the tree top drive this is not far from interstate sixty four amber nectar of forcing ten rest and write out into the color king is live there right now going very latest for us eric will feature fire fishes believe this fire began on the third floor of the better the way to get a better look you can see where part of the roof has collapsed that chart part right there in fact we just a few minutes ago when behind the building to get a better look and the damage is pretty extensive part of the third floor is completely missing and has collapsed onto the second floor. in fact the fire was so bad and spread so quickly around three thirty this morning a
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had to slide down a pole just to get to safety. everyone in this building was forced to evacuate and everyone is okay although one person was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation but we understand that person will be okay some of the folks living here will be allowed back inside but some are going to be displaced to understand the property manager has been notified and the red cross is officials are back there on the third floor trying to figure out what exactly caused this fire was going to be here all morning to get you those answers. reporting live in virginia beach. eric came thirteen years now. all right thanks eric will keep tabs on that story throughout the morning well so head over to the other hill with snow there as well lisa brown is live in the mobile weather lab with the latest on how the roads are looking there good morning elise the morning guys are right now we're about to turn onto
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the camera overseeing the building and the hair on her short while ago you may hear this now it's coming out in the car for many years to the house this morning which are the top three places you all the other straight and white nose guard against the ankle and i really want to hear it was probably some more salt on the computer this morning i woke you up to the sbc different conditions in the area the essence of won't be taking your morning
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should probably still be
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morning you know a lot of the government employees are schools rap because of presidents day and maybe you're fortunate enough that the day off just waking up right as an okay what's up at a winter weather advisory. we were talking about the snow changing over to rain has been the forecast for a while that is messy out there until ten a m southside injuries to the north and west will be the afternoons were to aren't messy we have snow and ice on some of the roads snow still coming down just had a report from billy joe out and red mill reporting she said hey we get some snow still pretty good year red mill's appreciate that update. we're still looking at temperatures that are sub freezing. we have mid twenties for the eastern shore low to mid twenties northern neck in middle peninsula across the peninsula right now temperatures also in the mid twenties many areas including see further to see your canon twenty four twenty five at langley twenty six around easton newport news. we have
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twenties for cape henry and great neck as she and thirty two starting to see low thirties now on pong going back to a thirty adventure still cooler most the chesapeake mid twenties and you're seeing around portsmouth out to the west also mid to upper twenties for something in a north carolina were starting to see the warmer weather now for the outer banks and this is going to be the trend temperatures will be warming up as we go over the coming hours and we're going to see the snow. transitioning to rain. getting that mixing taking place down to the south of that trend continues this morning and then into the afternoon looking at rain showers so still some snow out there this morning obviously you and put up a travel not a good time to be out of the reds but hang in there seven years warm. we'll see what conditions as opposed to icy or snowy conditions let's check in now with ashleigh. alright a little bit of good news on the traffic at work here as i continue to follow a lot of traffic trouble out there and our camera just knew that was
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ah that was ah showing there i was checking the cameras on sixty four around the hov lane and i saw this sign outdated be done posing at the age of the lanes are now open to all traffic so we do not have restrictions in the hov lanes for the morning commute a bit of good news for you if you want to use that instead of the outside to blame it on tracking network now some still watching several icy conditions advisories and our bridges and tunnels and especially buys with the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel but all of those coming up next. well done o six twelve in neighborhoods across hampton roads filled with fast food restaurants
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. thirteen is no storm though because of the winter weather advisory over and rolled right now snow sleet and freezing rain moving across our area. yeah you are looking live now at our sky view camera and virginia beach at their town center on the right side of our mobile weather lab drive the roads on the peninsula there on the left greg of course tracking that storm forces can have up to fourth in just a few minutes. don't forget this cold weather is really hard on your car aaa has some ideas to make sure that you're not stranded in the cold. they say that you should start your car and warming up even if you're not going to drive it helps keep the battery from losing power and check your tire pressure also check your antifreeze because of that antifreeze freezes your car could overheat and short on parking garage if you can keep your
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if you are running low do not dilute your windshield washer fluid with water that can cause freezing and also crack its plastic housing case all right don't forget to show us the weather where you are if it's safe to do so and step outside snap some of that snow and show it to it you can upload those pictures of their team is now dot com under the share it as you can also use the hashtag thirteen storm out new this morning report shows financial insiders are worried that another recession is imminent though the economy is solid the commerce department says consumer spending was up in january but consumer sentiment down wall street numbers have been tumbling over the past few weeks fueling that fear and oppression says volkswagen senior staff were reportedly warned that us regulators were looking into cheating software in september the epa discovered software that lowered emission levels on some of the automaker's vehicles during testing making the car scene cleaner
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later admitted to using that software to achieve emissions tests and deadpool live reading the box office the super hero film brought in an estimated one hundred and thirty five million dollars this weekend that shatters the record for the biggest r rated opening ever the marvel comic stars ryan reynolds as a foul mouth super hero kung fu panda three came in a distant second making around nineteen million dollars wow for rated r movie that meal to have the personnel saw xue and or to release all that you're getting when you let the blue steel down yet but you know i don't think a win any oscars. we still have a lot probably not a lot of hardware there but we had intel that we had a real it was buddy's is great and doing her jealously and the lives loves and what it
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fan of the zoo manner. i went in with no expectation and i we just kept laughing. this is funny i yesterday twenty five was the high fifty one the lead the normal high for this time of year forget about the record although we will be warming things up later today temperatures up into the forties temps will warm to the over and tomorrow's high will be well above the average so we give a much warmer day coming up just a trace of precipitation at the airport nothing measurable there before midnight we have a winter weather advisory this morning and you can see now this is a change this is just happen where we have also an advisor to include northeast north carolina and what i will tell you again the advisory for southside hampton roads that was until ten o'clock and literally in the last oh five minutes or so this just was added so go ahead just select very quickly here and see how late that advisory is in place and is going to run through ten a m as well so i'm able to access is live
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looking at this again northeast north carolina until ten am with the snow down their roads are snow covered in those areas as well and that's warm up is calming. we will see the improvements later today but for now we get very messy conditions that we're looking at a half an issue two inches of snow in this area here anywhere from southside hampton roads in northeast north carolina maybe a little lighter in some areas it really doesn't matter because we're going to see the changeover to rain it's going to wash away the snow anyway. as temperatures warm but this is overlooking and the roads are covered with snow and some ice in some areas so the depth we need to be careful eye to our forecast as spot on streak up to five now with inaccurate forecasts yesterday and today's yeah we're good here to snow showers for the morning commute but we will see a transition to rain later today that's another element that will be spot on as temperatures warm up you can see by ten am and into the early afternoon temps
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and rain likely scattered showers this afternoon is see the snow down across northeast north carolina in the snow across the south side up through the eastern shore northern neck all of this area seeing the snow and it will continue to add up to heavier amounts north and west were going to see that transition line spreading northward through the mid morning eight thirty nine o'clock eastern see that warm up and the changeover to rain my concern is that there could be some period of freezing rain or some sleep before the changeover to all raines who are really gonna need to watch those roads carefully through the morning you don't want to go out if you don't have too early give it time to warm up to one three c the warmer conditions. things do improve take a look at the seven day forecast temperatures tomorrow close to sixty degrees you have good chances for rain and there could be there could be a couple of isolated storms as well after that wednesday looks much better and thu fri
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up again by next weekend i would get icy conditions advisory issued by the dot that we check in with ashley shall no more. that's right we head down to the hampton roads bridge tunnel give you a live look at thirteen years now trapping camera under that the audition icy conditions advisory is in traffic leaving him to make his way to norfolk moving well as well as norfolk and hampton so it's not really causing a substantial delay in terms of traffic moving but it's certainly going to slow you down this morning we ask you to take your time drop your speed especially as you're crossing over our bridges and had three titles this morning on the profit network map to have a new advisory for you at the gil martin bridge on thirteen in chesapeake that's now also under the audition icy conditions advisory as well as the coleman bridge on route seventeen. also one seventeen the james river bridge on six sixty four at the monitor merrimack and the generally by the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel to drop your speed from fifty five to thirty five the bridge saying there that is the maximum safe speed apology note that change it for right now
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with all that up in icy conditions advisories and have the latest on the rest of your advisories and the accident scene still working coming up at six thirty right and we are coming up on six twenty two days the first day of sleep we here on daybreak and today it's all about kids expert talks about sleep training at
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. six twenty four to time in just a few hours the american heart association wants you to help them lobby delegates and state senators in the capital the state lobby day starts at nine thirty in richmond to get lawmakers to approve ten million dollars governor terry mcauliffe set aside in his budget the money would be used to bring grocery store so called protesters urban areas where residents do not have access to fresh food just fast food restaurants and corner convenience stores the quicker weekend we can address those health issues the quicker we can reduce risk for type two diabetes or heart attack or stats show these communities have higher rates of major health issues heart disease state law be the return run from nine thirty until eleven thirty this morning. if you can't make it that's understandable because of the snow but you can call email or write your senator or delegate i know there are plenty of carolina panther fans that wish that
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their valentine to share but one mother when she's trying to get his attention with a billboard that you might have seen it reads low will you marry my daughter rachel love gail no word yet on this decision on the larger than life to post right speaking of love a break is giving one lucky person a chance to win a trip or two to new york city and includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america that's coming up here just over half are now and during the six o'clock hour sometime between now and seven his watch for that keyword and then we'll do is go to for t's dot com enter that keyword on that website of the feature section will have several chances to enter throughout the week i will pick a winner after daybreak on friday so stay tune. still haven't done the work gets yes we slept on it. alright that is now though we are in store mode as snow moved through the area yet we have team coverage of the issues out there right now we are fired virginia beach that force residents out of their home. part of a building
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collapse in this apartment building and also how to get to the leases on the peninsula covering the ground conditions there was an upgrade next is well now we'll take a look at live picture out in virginia beach the precondition talked about the a fire forcing us into the apartment complex out into the cold and snow we do
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. the o yet another round of snow moved in overnight blanketing rhodes affecting schools that are open on this presidents day hampton opening at eleven eleven am today here's a live look for skyview in norfolk and the weather radar showing which areas are affected right now. yet we do have team coverage for you in the studio and of course out in the elements crack tracking the snow actually keep an eye on traffic and elise brown is live in the mobile weather lab on the peninsula. good morning to you in monterey senior lucy is off today. that's right and center park or the weather of course is a big concern for folks is forcing several closings and delays this morning you can find all of those their schooling right there along
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the theaters right now we're off to scrape bowl with how long the snow will hang around with a readable yet really depends on where you already start to see the snow transitioning to mix and then changing over to rain over the next couple of hours down south and then it will spread northward as we go and you can see the snow this is settlers landing up in hampton this is from the air space center alive skyview you can see the snow on the ground generally we are looking at a decent little snowfall across syria this is not a heavy major winter storm we're going to be shot in with snow or anything like that for any great length of time. fact is we get the transition to rain most of the snow will be washed away pretty quickly later this morning in the afternoon but the snow is out there and the winter weather advisory that we have been talking about all morning it's been in place until ten am for southside it now includes northeast north carolina all the way to walk or a tuxedo earlier uses of the inland counties they've added these county's current taught camden past with tang ah
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under this down through bertie county so we're watching that area as well but we will see a transition eventually over to the rain and snowfall not generally happens to a couple inches across a series shaded in light blue up to the eastern shore farther to the north and west to three inches and then dearie is up around richmond maybe two to four but the transition is going to occur will see the changeover to rain later this morning right now though the snow continues to come down in varying degrees of intensity some areas it's a slight other areas light to moderate. nothing too terribly heavy but the snow continues to come down what you get in the eastern north carolina here we are seeing more rain showers around stump the point gum that some mixing taking place out to the west of that and again still snow on the albemarle sound but the warm up is coming to your area and then that trend will continue northward so snow this morning sleep by eight o'clock bring snow sleet and then rain by nine ten eleven
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temperatures will warm into the mid forties through the afternoon on the back talk about even warmer weather for tomorrow and really a nice stretch of weather later in the week but we gotta get through this morning. you don't want to be on the roads early this morning if you don't have to here's ashley with the reasons why and correct we head down to the peninsula where i've been watching several accidents working this morning some of them have cleared up some of them not so much we'll take a look at sixty four westbound at hinton road center parkway between him to broken apart when big apple wrote that overpass there you can see the right shoulder and the right lane blocked due to a crash notice traffic picking up just a little bit but taking its time as it passes that scene that is absolutely the best idea especially as crews are responding to clear up that crash. one make sure you stay well away and take your time with the roads being slick and dangerous know a couple of miles up as we had my second camera. this accident thing just popped up a couple of minutes ago sixty four westbound at j clyde morris we have the right lane blocked there and you can see crews on scene responding to
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traffic not the issue this morning the issue is the fact that our bridges ramps overpasses all especially slick and dangerous this morning and of course around the interstate going to be dangerous as well and have the latest accident scenes and when the bridge was scheduled for later on today we'll talk about that coming up next our debt we have enough to know that breaking news out of virginia beach are new since we are first on the air last half hour learning more about the injuries endured during that fire at an apartment complex the fire itself happened on tree top try this is not far from interstate sixty four byrd neck road because residents to be chased out into the snow in the cold this morning our air came lived there with the very latest and new information for shared traded or we just heard from fire officials said ten people have been displays we know the right process in the property managers are trying to get them some help right now take a look at some of the damage behind me everyone in this complex was
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early this morning around three thirty we reached there on the third floor completely collapsed. that is where fire officials believe the fire began around three thirty this morning at one point the flames were so intense and spread so quickly. one man had to slide down a pole to this and fire officials also tell me that one cat jumped out of the window just to get out of the fire that cat has been taking to the baton is being treated it's only go to other cats right now are unaccounted for now fire officials are on scene still of course trying to figure out what caused this fire that took an hour to get under control they say they don't have a cause just yet but they say will probably be better idea when the sun rises and they can see the damage that reporting live in virginia beach. eric in thirteen years now to see the snow coming down eric wright their team coverage continues this morning with a wee sprout on the peninsula yeah she is live in our
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out now elise where exactly are you and how are the road conditions we live in the morning as rain now or in the section the right shoe mallory really turning around the world this morning that i need the extra caution on the second of the coin here to watch the show her just the weekend was the intention to tell the pastor and where you're
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you're saying the u s for the white house should at least the way to the window into the gory the route they were coming down it's all about. yes it is and what
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. i all right we have still crossed a review right now and it's taking it's adding up half an
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half or even two inches across parts of the southside into northeast north carolina end but there could be a couple of spots to get a little bit more to three two to four up around richmond with some locally higher amounts not out of the question the reader really don't get hung up on the amount of snow though cuz it really doesn't matter the reason we're going to see a changeover to rain once that rain falls even if he did get two inches overnight it's going to be patted down and watch the waves turn into a kind of a slushy mess later this morning in the afternoon so you can see the travel up their lawn settlers landing over the slow going out there roads are going to be highly variable some areas it's kind of what other areas are snow packed or even icy and you could find is rapidly changeable conditions as you're traveling along to not overdrive the conditions very important i drove in all the way up from the southside going about forty mph on
6:39 am
sixty on that. i just didn't want to take a chance in my ag get away from me and i really hadn't had any problems coming in but once again in the secondary roads downtown norfolk back into the car got a little loose heading gauge of four wheel drive. you can find that type of experience if you're on the road early juncture still well below freezing in the twenties off to the north we had mid twenty s to upper twenties on the peninsula south side starting to see more airy is getting close to a little above freezing oceania now up to thirty four they were seeing more of that down to north carolina along the outer banks temps will be warming we are going to see a changeover but right now still snow out there so look for the change to rain later this morning temperatures tomorrow near sixty with chances for showers possibly a couple of storms and then much nicer beautiful weather on wednesday are more flashing lights out there that's been the deal all morning ashley will be watching all morning long craving this for the new accident we have not yet discussed because it just happened not too long ago
6:40 am
row you can see here it looks like a car was traveling eastbound and spun into the median and that's the car right there. the cruise in the westbound side are blocked off the left lane as you head west. so this whole scene is going to certainly cause an issue for the morning commute for you when you're headed eastbound or westbound this morning stick with the how the latest on the rest of your accident and all have those bracelets for you coming up next we did actually just got word that tcc all campuses now can start at ten pm so we just got that were lots of clothes
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the thirteen is no storm oda snow sleet and freezing rain moves through hampton roads part of the area under winter weather advisory right pass right back with a live look pretty right now the sky view camera for gin beach town center area also mobile weather lap driving the roads on the peninsula to get an idea conditions their credit course tracking the storms can have an update for you just a few minutes. a spokesperson for the doc says its crews are practically roadways and interstates is needed. here's a live look
6:43 am
years now. traffic cameras this is a live picture for you can see the road right there just how bad is if you're driving along the dot did not do any kind of pre treatment for this storm and that is because crews put down right solution before snow moved in on friday the solution is still on the roads but be warned that no matter how much pre treating or treating. crews do say there still could be icy patches definitely an a north carolina state ut began pre treating heavily traveled areas there yesterday chris hit the streets again this morning about three o'clock in a freezing rain is a bit conservative and cdot spokesperson says it really makes the job much more complex because you can't plow it like it can snow or sleet that's why they put salt down to try and keep it from adhering to the pavement at six forty six for those of you must get on the roads this morning here are few things to keep in mind remember to take it as slowly as possible. never use cruise control increase your following distance also
6:44 am
if you skid steer into the direction the car is moving and let off the gas and of course always wear your seatbelt. a consumer alert you to know about if you have little ones thousands of high chairs or being recalled the arm on eight models of the new designs high chair can bend or break off allowing a child fall out. it has happened at least fifty times and has led to several injuries we have one of the stairs stop using it right away and contact the company for free replacement parts are new this morning a major apple retailers have cut their prices for the apple was dead now that ordinarily means a new version is coming out but analysts don't think so. this time but apple reportedly may unveil a new iphone models next year when new app could one day turn your phone into an earthquake warning device show right now the mei sze cap only collects information than a center back to lab but once the bugs are worked out
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impending earthquake right now it is only available on android devices a lot of office workers use a treadmill desk as a way to burn calories like the one you see there the company behind many of those tests a treadmill meetings are the future do a treadmill test will be on sale later this year the price tag though somewhere between eight and nine thousand dollars should get one of the treadmill news desk here we have here we don't really do it that much but we have a squad that scares you know that you decide although they are a lot over the next gal they're good for the topper weather flying around you i think andre and sandra should go ahead to start doing a lot to be the one hand maybe not. i hear that we have three right now snow across the area. if your going to be out this morning we've been talking alot about this you really do a take it easy and put off travel if you can if that's an option just wait a little bit because the snow that's falling right now is going to change over to rain while
6:46 am
amount of snow either i think across the south side anywhere from maybe half an inch to an inch and a half or two inches and it will be some slightly higher amounts to the north and west but it doesn't matter because it's going to change over rain it's not like it's going to be this beautiful mantle of white that will enjoy for a long period of time once we get the rain falling. it's going to turn things in a kind of a slushy mess and wash away that snow that's out there. we have a winter weather advisory which now includes northeast north carolina early this morning for most of daybreak. it did not include these counties right here in northeast north carolina but they were recently added as the snow continues to fly down that way but we are going to see that transition over to rain there's a quick look at the updated snow projections again not a real big deal we don't need to split hairs over at half inch or inch or inch and half or two because again the rain is going to wash most of that away agency chances for rain very good through the afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid forties so we have the snow out there this
6:47 am
of a transition now down around the albemarle sound in near the outer banks around the surrounding area south of that we've seen the transition to rain already. as we take you through the morning seven thirty eight o'clock eight thirty. you see that change from snow to mix and then rain showers near the coast virginia beach above freezing right now she and reporting thirty four degrees some other areas a little bit cooler than that. norfolk still chilly through a preachy see the trend now the islanders priest of temperatures in the low twenties i am very concerned that we're going to get some of this warmer air coming in some of the rain that falls a lot is going to fall and freeze on contact. there's some potential for ice for some of those inland areas and travel over the western part of the viewing area could be very treacherous later this morning even through the middle part of the day but the rain coming closer to the coast and eventually up the peninsula middle peninsula over to
6:48 am
thirty twelve o'clock rain again for coastal areas. it's the inland areas out towards i ninety five. still the treacherous conditions and the piedmont looks to be very messy with even colder air out that way but eventually we will see the temperatures warming am going to see temperatures in the afternoon in the mid forties you see forty four there by four o'clock and that's really what we're looking at for today right around forty four forty five now instead of the temps are dropping overnight. they're going to continue to warm and tomorrow temperatures near sixty one to see periods of more rain and possibly a couple of storms through the middle part of the day tomorrow and that'll push through and then going to see improvements coming into wednesday. slight chance for a passing shower early wednesday off to the north you see that but again generally skies become partly to mostly sunny on wednesday and thursday looks really nice. we'll talk about an upcoming warmer weekend here is look at the seven day forecast right now temperatures still below freezing in most years but look for that snow mix to
6:49 am
rain tomorrow. much nicer for the rest of the week and how much we can. sixty two on saturday fifty eight on sunday i got some accidents out there time for an update we have ashley acker we've seen accidents all morning long a lot of them have wrapped up i'm still watching one of the south side and one on the peninsula so intent or purse camera to show you virginia beach again to finish a few moments ago we're due for this car was traveling eastbound on sixty four near indian river road lost control went into the median right now the left shoulder is blocked eastbound left lane is blocked westbound as crews respond to the scene of this crash has been very careful as you pass that scene and especially the trees they await the road crews out there stay far away as you can on the second camera we headed to hampton sixty four westbound just pass him the road center parkway. you can see here the right lane the right shoulder are blocked and traffic is picking up making it's way high in the direction of jefferson avenue maybe eventually up to williamsburg just be careful out there and have the latest on these two acts and scenes of the abridged list and
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up in five minutes everything cute six fifty two now researchers continue to discover the importance of a good night's sleep on the mind and brain for people of all ages especially for children prevented adhd and emotional issues as they develop but the ways to teach your children to sleep are up for huge debates. lucy bustamante spoke to another leaving sleep expert dr william sears via skype. he says a parent should never sleep train earlier than seven months old so you have separation anxiety that clicks and around six months so stick with ur self soothing at the very time developmentally. when the baby go through the separation anxiety stage not make good scientific sense dr sears adds that co sleeping is very natural and okay as long as a child is
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. we are i know that breaking news in virginia beach are getting a clear idea of the damage left behind from that the fire in an apartment complex near the capitol tree topped rival been following all morning south of interstate sixty four n burnett road residents were forced out to the snow and cold this morning are erik ainge has been lived on the scene all morning long joins us now with some new video. yes entertain people displaced because of this pilot spotted a new video from behind the apartment complex you have been a better idea of the damage here that third for falling into the second floor in one
6:54 am
of the flames just so intense at three thirty this morning that one man said the attic line down the pole just to get to say to attack even jumped out of a window to get out of the flames course we know that cat was sick in theay should be okay in all twelve people living twelve units in this apartment complex had to be evacuated and that force people out to the cold early this morning my roommate woke me up around three four e same there was a fire so we rushed out that a coat on and just headed out the fire was really lady over there but luckily didn't reach of the day at my apartment itself and the cause of the fire is still under investigation reporting live in virginia years now are all that snow the sea there in eric's picture there causing issues on the roads and wrote this note and update all morning long it's been very busy and especially one of the accident scene comes to watching as we head to our camera now this you can see
6:55 am
westbound just pass him to go to parkway the right lane is still blocking as you can see traffic picking up just a little the passing the scene just be very careful drop that speed and the tree that we are going safely this morning on the travel network mass we still had that accident working sixty four in indian river the left lane blocked eastbound and westbound another accident now sixty four jefferson blocking the exit ramp and i do when quickly give you the bridge before today the jr be opening at nine am and the coleman bridge opening at ten thirty a m and one this afternoon unfortunately this morning obviously government employees many of them on break because it's president's day school's track and then we have to see c hampton will do me a lot of the university's pushing back the start of classes all good calls because we give the messy conditions right now that you should practice our guide drive by on a bike at a beach cruiser the wide tires why not. temperatures right now starting to warm up dead on a new thirty seven thirty four virginia beach that warming trend will
6:56 am
a winter weather advisory for the entire area this morning to see the transition to rain more rain tonight and tomorrow the temperatures going up to the overnight in tomorrow so hang in there just a very very messy conditions this morning we'll k good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court. the president stands firm. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> as we learn new details about justice scalia's final hours as
6:57 am
storm warning. winter weather moving in. deadly crashes. massive pile yups a dramatic rescue of dozens stuck in a tram in sub zero temperatures. mid-air scare. a new york-bound flight with hundreds onboard forced to turn around. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots. >> after a laser beam hit one of the pilots in the eye. and look out below. see those dots in the water, that's not seaweed, those are sharks. why thousands are swarming this holiday weekend, just a stone's throw from the shore. and good morning, america. happy presidents' day to valentine's day weekend for hundreds. this river frozen over as a
6:58 am
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